Erin Godly-Reynolds

Erin Godly-Reynolds
M.Ed. in Sport Administration from Wingate University, 2011B.A. in Psychology and Dual Certification (Childhood Education/Special Education) from Marist College, 2008
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Research Interests: 

I am interested in the prevention of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes; mother and infant wellness, specifically breastfeeding duration and rates in minority populations; utilizing program evaluation and implementation science to address challenges in educational and healthcare systems; and access to free and appropriate education for all children, including children with special needs and children from low SES households.

I moved to North Carolina in 2011 for a graduate assistantship at Wingate University (about an hour east of Charlotte). Originally planning just to come for grad school, first I fell in love with the weather, and then I met and fell in love with my husband! Like many other implants, I consider NC to be my home state for the foreseeable future. Proud parents of our “big goof” Bridie (an adopted mutt), Mick and I enjoy spending time outdoors with her, and appreciating the diversity of what Charlotte has to offer (from going out in Uptown to relaxing in NoDa). My prior work experiences include teaching elementary special education (grades 1-4), coaching junior and college tennis, and academic advising first-year college students in a “success coaching” program. I grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey, but have since lived and worked in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. I’m a life-long athlete and played college tennis (Go Red Foxes!).