Bradley Aleshire

M.S. in General/Experimental Psychology from Western Illinois University, B.S. in Psychology with Honors from Western Illinois University

I am interested in broadly in the fields of emotion and emotion regulation. More specifically, I am interested in the use of emotion regulation strategy sequences in relation to interpersonal/relationship stress and exposure to traumatic events. I am also interested in emotion contagion as it pertains to viral internet culture and politics.

Cecily Basqiun

B.A. in Psychology with Highest Honors from Elon University

I am interested in parenting and child development, particularly the factors that prompt parents to make positive changes in their children's health related behaviors.

Allison Bickett

BA in Psychology, MS in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience Behavioral Medicine Educator at Elizabeth Family Medicine Traumatic brain injury, sleep disorders, distressed high utilizers in a primary care setting, diabetes and concomitant psychopathology in a primary care setting.

Cara Blevins

BA Psychology from George Mason University

Posttraumatic growth in military populations, suicide and humor.

Charles Burgess

BS in Psychology '06

Transition age youth with emotional/behavioral disorders, including substance abuse and legal involvement.

Constance Coates

M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, B.S. in Psychology with Honors from Lehigh University
I am interested in the effects of early childhood adversity and trauma, psychophysiological interventions for at risk youth, and community and school-based prevention programs.

Magin Day

BS Psychology from Michigan State University 

The effects of military culture/lifestyle on physical and mental health, and eating disorders.

Lena Etzel

B.A. in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Queens University of Charlotte

I am interested in factors that contribute to individual differences in stress experience and response. I would like to examine how strategies (e.g., emotion regulation, third wave approaches) can modulate such stress-response in adaptive (or maladaptive) ways, thus affecting individual health and overall well-being.

Leila Forbes

University of Maryland: BS-PsychologyEast Carolina University: MA-Psychology

TBI, PTSD in military populations; Neuropsychology

Drew Gadaire

BS in Psychology at Davidson College

I am interested in youth development in marginalized populations and community factors/interventions that may improve outcomes for at-risk youth. I am also interested in the acculturation process and the Latino immigrant paradox.

Victoria Galica

M.A. in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University, 2017, B.A. in Psychology from University of New Haven, 2014

I am interested in promoting youths' engagement in adaptive health behaviors via community-based program development and evaluation. Specifically, I am interested in collaborating with schools and community organizations to enhance their capacity to offer effective programs/interventions aimed at increasing nutritious eating behaviors and engagement in physical activity among youth.

Margaret Gigler

B.A., Psychology with Honors, cum laude from Wake Forest University

Maggie is interested in how community factors, including healthcare systems, affect individual and community wellness, as well as the integration of mental healthcare with primary care. Clinically, she’s interested in the treatment of mood disorders. In addition to reading about evidence-based treatments for mood disorders, she enjoys running, movies about organized crime, and cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Erin Godly-Reynolds

M.Ed. in Sport Administration from Wingate University, 2011B.A. in Psychology and Dual Certification (Childhood Education/Special Education) from Marist College, 2008

I am interested in the prevention of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes; mother and infant wellness, specifically breastfeeding duration and rates in minority populations; utilizing program evaluation and implementation science to address challenges in educational and healthcare systems; and access to free and appropriate education for all children, including children with special needs and children from low SES households.

Taryn Greene

MA in Intelligence Studies., BA in Psychology

 Broadly focused on trauma, stress, and Posttraumatic Growth, with specific attention to the impacts these factors have on health and wellbeing. Specific interests include: how etiological factors like personality, types of coping, social and cultural factors, etc. contribute to susceptibility for distress, psychosomatic symptoms, and growth; manifestations of trauma in the body, chronic pain, and mindfulness.

Meredith Griffin

BS in Psychology with Highest Honors from UNC Chapel Hill

Meredith's current interests include emerging adults use of technology (i.e., Tinder, etc.) to form relationships and meet a variety of psychosocial needs.

Marie Hayes

BA in Psychology from the University at Albany (SUNY)

Marie's current research interests are the application of technology to the prevention of disease through interventions promoting positive health behaviors, primarily in populations that are otherwise non-treatment seeking, or hard to reach.

Nicole Hilaire

M.S. in Developmental & Quantitative Psychology from Illinois State University, ILB.A. in Psychology w/ Minor in Gender Studies from Monmouth University, NJ

Close Relationships; Motivations; Appraisal Processes; Prosocial Emotions & Behavior; Happiness & Well-Being

Nadia Jafari

Psychology BA from Stony Brook University
The interactions between social networking sites, impression management, body image, and social comparison theory.

Jackie Larson

BA Psychology with High Honors, Emory University

I am interested in factors that can affect the development of positive child and adolescent socioemotional and educational outcomes. I am also interested in mental health advocacy and youth empowerment (factors affecting the development of positive child and adolescent outcomes, particularly socioemotional and educational outcomes; mental health advocacy; youth empowerment).

Paisley Lewis

Davidson College '13, B.S. in Psychology

Posttraumatic growth and cross-cultural considerations

Megan McComas

B.A. from Salisbury University (2014); Double Major in Psychology & Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution-Interpersonal Track, Graduate Certificate in Applied Thanatology: University of Maryland (2015), Certified Grief Counselor (GC-C; 2016)

Megan's current research interests include trauma, stress, cyberbullying, social media, emotion regulation, adjustment, and mindfulness.

Jaimelee Mihalski

Graduated from DePaul University in 2013 with a B.A. in Community Psychology

Substance abuse recovery and prevention, education, and child welfare

Sandy Milling

Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling, M.S., May 2009 Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S., May 2009Psychology, B.A., May 2006 UNCWSociology, Minor, May 2006 UNCW
Sexual Trauma, Substance Abuse, Emotional Intelligence

Alyssa Minnick

B.A., Psychology, Dickinson College, 2011M.S., Clinical Psychology, Loyola University of Maryland, 2013

Eating disorders; Obesity; Weight loss maintenance; Social and interpersonal factors (e.g., fat talk) that contribute to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating; Incorporating technology into treatment

Ana Orejuela

B.S. in Brain, Behavior, & Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, 2011

Posttraumatic growth, the interplay between emotional regulation and cognitive processing, trauma narratives, physiological effects of stress.

Brooke Palmer

B.A. in Spanish/B.S. in Psychology from the University of Iowa (2007).M.A. in Spanish from Florida Atlantic University (2013).

I'm interested in eating behaviors in Latinos as well as access to health/mental health care within this population.

Kim Papay

B.S. in Psychology (Neuroscience track) from Penn State University (2009)
Physiological effects of stress; integrative health; mindfulness; meditation

Sydney Park

BA in Psychology with a minor in Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

executive functioning, emotion regulation

Brittany Price

BA in Psychology and BS in Animal Science from North Carolina State University

Brittany is interested in stress, health disparities and physiological markers of stress

Olivia Riffle

B.S. in Neuroscience, 2012, Washington & Lee University

Posttraumatic growth as it relates to personal narrative, prosocial behavior, sense of calling/purpose, and stress reactivity and management

Courtney Rogers

MA in Clinical Health Psychology from Appalachian State University, BA in Psychology from Lee University

Social and cultural influences on body image (e.g., fat talk); mindfulness-based interventions; self-compassion

Lydia Roos

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Charleston

 Lydia's research focuses on stress and interpersonal trauma, particularly within close relationships, and how ways of coping and emotion regulation influence perceived stress as well as neuroendocrine and immune system functioning.

Aria Ruggiero

M.A. in General Psychology from American University (2016), B.A. in Psychology from Boston University (2014)

How poor sleep is linked to sleep hygiene/attitudes, emotion regulation, cognitive processes, and health outcomes.

Sara Sagui

May 2013 B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Long BeachMay 2015 M.A. in Psychology from UNC Charlotte

Sara’s research broadly focuses on the ways in which individuals manage and alter their emotions to cope with stressful situations. Employing diverse methodology, she seeks to understand the contextual nature of emotion regulation and the ways in which positive emotional coping processes can promote better physiological and behavioral health outcomes.

Khalil Salim

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management , BA in Psychology from UNC Charlotte

My research interests include the use of data to evaluate service and program effectiveness within nonprofit agencies and community settings, with the goal of effecting system change and guiding service delivery. The organizations and nonprofits I hope to work with reflect a wide range of missions including: mental health, housing, immigration, child welfare, family well-being, health, education, and economic empowerment.

Caitlin Simmons

B.A. in Psychology, Case Western Reserve University '14

Promoting positive outcomes for at-risk children and youth; school based interventions; mental illness stigma.

Christine Smith

B.A. Psychology, Spanish- Wake Forest UniversityM.A. Counseling Psychology- University of Denver

Stress and Health, Health Behavior Change, Chronic Illness Adaptation, Disparities in Health

Leslie Snapper

B.S. in Psychology (Neuroscience track) from Boston College, 2015

Healthy lifestyle interventions, such as exercise and nutrition, for the prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric illnesses; Motivation and decision making as it related to healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices; Integrated health care and quality of health care; Postpartum depression and breastfeeding.

Kate Strater Hogan

B.A. Major Psychology/Minor Child and Family DevelopmentM.A. UNC Charlotte - Clinical/Community Psychology

Youth and family wellbeing, integrated health care, community and civic engagement

Jessica Taylor

Educational Background: B.S. in Psychology with minor in Cognitive Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2014), Summa Cum Laude & Honors in Psychology

Research: Self-Compassion, Emotion Regulation, Effectiveness-Based Research, Disordered Eating-Related Processes and Social Mentality Theory

Jacqueline Tynan

BA Psychology from University of Kentucky

The relationship between education and community support programs and outcomes of at-risk youth pertaining to substance use, juvenile delinquency, and high school completion.

Alyssa Vela

B.A. Psychology+ B.A. Spanish, Oakland University (MI)M.A. Clinical and Community Psychology, UNC Charlotte

Eating behaviors, Latinas, Culture and acculturation, Diabetes, Mindfulness

Victoria Willetts

MA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, BA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with University Honors

I am interested in posttraumatic growth following interpersonal transgressions as well as the implications of interpersonal relationships on health in regards to stress, health care motivation, and health outcomes. I am also interested in the physiological impacts of animal assisted therapy (AAT) and the use of AAT to facilitate posttraumatic growth.