Health Psychology Graduate Student Association

Each year the students within the Health Psychology PhD program elect a group of fellow students to represent them to faculty, staff and the University. The members of the Health Psychology Graduate Student Association (HPGSA) bring up concerns of students to the faculty and University, organize social events, provide opportunities for philanthropy, participate in UNCC events (e.g., research conferences), and instrumentally support the program in recruitment efforts of students and faculty. The HPGSA executive committee is comprised of four core members (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), the chairs of two subcommittees (Philanthropy Chair and Social Chair), a senator, representing our program in the Graduate and Professional Student Association, and three student representatives on the Health Psychology Advisory Committee.

Importantly, the HPGSA elects two faculty ombudspersons, one within the program and one outside the program. Ombudspersons can be approached about any concerns that a student feels they cannot bring to their main advisor. The ombudsperson will offer support and advice while keeping the concerns of the student confidential.

An instrumental benefit of HPGSA is that every incoming Health Psychology PhD student automatically becomes a member and is therefore eligible for up to $500 of travel funding each academic year.

Below are the students that currently hold offices in HPGSA 2019/2020:

  • President: Lena Etzel
  • Vice President: Jodie Lisenbee
  • Secretary: Maria Alessi
  • Treasurer: Bradley Aleshire
  • Senator: Alexis Mitchell
  • Philanthropy Chair: Jan Mooney
  • Social Chair: Maggie Gigler 
  • Social Media Chair: Leslie Snapper


Health Psychology Concentration Representatives:
  • General Representative: Lydia Roos
  • Clinical Representative: Cecily Basquin
  • Community Representative: Rachel Siegal 
Ombudspersons: Dr. Langhinrichsen-Rohling and Dr. Terri Rhodes

Executive Committee meetings are held monthly. Details from each of our meetings can be found in the minutes distributed to all students following each Executive Committee meeting.

An Update from HPGSA: 

The Health Psychology Graduate Student Association partnered with the 5th Annual Veteran's Health Conference on February 27th, 2018.  The focus of the conference this year was "Joining Forces for Womens Veterans' Health and Reintegration."  HPGSA members Magin Day and Taryn Greene participated in a panel of 5 female Veteran UNCC graduate and undergraduate students, and discussed the challenges women face both during active duty service and reintegration.  This panel was moderated by Cara Blevins. 


HPGSA also sponsored light refreshments and snacks for the conference.  Brooke Palmer, Victoria Willetts, and Meredith Griffin volunteered throughout the day to help with set up, refreshments, and general tasks to help ensure the conference ran smoothly.  Overall, this event demonstrated the Health Psychology PhD program's commitment to Veteran's health issues.  Thanks to all who helped make this event happen and we look forward to partnering again for the conference next year!