Health Psychology Ph.D. Program

Program Description

A particular emphasis of the program is on the development, implementation, and evaluation of prevention and treatment interventions that involve multiple disciplines. The program has links with other colleges, departments and programs in the university that allows students to select health courses across disciplines. Please see our Student Handbook for more information. Click here to view archived student handbooks. The Health Psychology Ph.D. Program at UNC Charlotte offers students an opportunity to obtain their Ph. D in Health Psychology with a concentration in one of the following areas: GeneralClinical, and Community.

The Health Psychology PhD Program does not offer training at the MA level.  Please visit the Department of Psychology for more information about their MA Program in Psychology.  

For more program updates, see the most recent edition of the Health Psychology Newsletter.


A big congratulations to all of our students who applied for internship this year, ALL of whom matched with an APA accredited program that was one of their top-choice sites. Cara Blevins will be going to the VA in Asheville, NC; Brooke Palmer will be going to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Center and Leila Forbes will be going to the UNC Charlotte CAPS site. 

Another big congratulations to Alyssa (Vela) Rogers for obtaining a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan School of Medicine in Flint, MI, and to Christine (Smith) Mason for obtaining a post-doctoral fellowship at the Obesity and Weight Management Program, Rush Medical Center, Chicago, IL!!

Spring 2018 Program Meetings:  TIME: 11:00 AM to Noon 

January 19th -- Colvard 3066; Program Updates

February 23rd –Presentation

March 16th – Jonathan Miller, PhD 
                      "How psychologists work in a family-centered health care environment:  The times they are a changing!"

April 20th – Brooke Greiese, PhD 

May 11th – Program updates



What is Health Psychology?

Health psychology is dedicated to conducting basic and applied research examining the contribution of biological, psychological, behavioral, social, cultural, and environmental factors to health and illness. Health Psychology builds from principles and theories of other areas of psychology, biology, health, and social sciences. Health psychologists are concerned with promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention and treatment of illness across the lifespan, and improvement of systems that promote and maintain health.

 What Do We Look for in an Applicant?

  • A combination of a strong academic background and relevant experience.
  • At least 18 hours of coursework in psychology, including Introductory Psychology, Research Methods, and a Statistics course.
  • A Bachelor or Masters degree in psychology, gerontology, public policy, or other related disciplines.

 Application Deadlines:

All materials must be submitted to The Graduate School by November 15th of each year, to be fully considered for admission during the Fall Semester. Students with master's degrees in psychology or health related fields (biology, gerontology, nursing and allied health, public policy, and other health disciplines) as well as highly disciplined and competent undergraduates are encouraged to apply.

Accreditation Status of the Clinical Psychology program

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Clinical Psychology Program at UNC Charlotte is now APA-accredited!  Our accreditation extends for five years from the date of our last site visit, which was October 2, 2012 and our most recent site visit was in November of 2017.  If you have any questions about our program's accreditation, please contact Dr. Amy Peterman, the Director of Clinical Training ( If you have general questions about accreditation, please contact APA:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation / American Psychological Association

750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242                             

Phone: (202) 336-5979 / E-mail: / Web:


For more information on the Clinical concentration please visit: 

For additional information about the Health Psychology Ph.D. program, please contact: Dr. Virginia Gil-Rivas at 704-687-1330 or