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Laura Lovato


Ph.D University of North Carolina, Charlotte
August, 2008-present Clinical Health Psychology
B.S. Cum Laude Colorado State University
May, 2006 Major: Psychology, Minor: English

Track: Clinical Track

Expected Graduation: 2012

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Kilmer and Dr. Jim Cook

Research Group: Dr. Ryan Kilmer and Dr. Jim Cook

Research Interests:

Harm Reduction and drug use, disparities in drug use related health outcomes.

Clinical Interests: Mindfulness, interpersonal approaches to therapy, group therapy.

Research Projects: Beginning work on my comps looking at micro-aggressions experienced by people with HIV/AIDS and relationships with health outcomes and quality of life.

Current Internship/Assistantship: The University Counseling Center

Current Practicum Placement: LD/ADHD assessments with Dr. Demakis

Career Goals: Anywhere I can combine practice, teaching, and research sounds great to me!

About me:

I'm from Denver, CO and am absolutely in love with that city, although Charlotte has grown on me. Ienjoy good food, good wine, good books, and sleep. I sporadically practice yoga and enjoy walking the Elizabeth area with my dog and spending time with my patient boyfriend.

Laura V. Lovato

524 Hawthorne Lane, # 8
Charlotte, NC
llovato@uncc.eduThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ph.D University of North Carolina at Charlotte

August, 2008-present Clinical Health Psychology

B.S. Cum Laude Colorado State University

May, 2006 Major: Psychology, Minor: English

Professional and Clinical Experience

ADHD/LD Assessments, UNC Charlotte Evaluator (August, 2010 – Current)

Charlotte, NC Responsibilities include administering, scoring, and interpretation of a variety of cognitive tests and batteries as well as write up of reports.

Counseling Center, UNC Charlotte Therapist (August, 2009 – Current)

Charlotte, NC Activities include intakes, individual therapy, process observation of interpersonal group sessions, and co-leadership of a structured group addressing healthy relationships.

Project Safe, UCHSC Case Manager (December 2006-July 2008)

Denver, CO Responsibilities include conducting strength-based

case management with minority women who use crack cocaine, running group sessions, completed interviews, as well as providing information and referrals.

DREAM Foundation Respite Care Provider (July 2006-October 2006)

Fort Collins, CO Responsibilities included temporary care for children with serious emotional, brain, or behavioral disturbances.

Suicide Resource Center Speaker and Advocate (January 2005-Nov. 2006)

Loveland, CO Responsibilities included presenting to high schools and junior highs on suicide, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Colorado State University Instructor (January 2006-May 2006)

Psychology Department Responsibilities included leading class discussions

Fort Collins, CO on contemporary issues relevant to psychology, evaluation of papers and work completed, as well as instruction.

Research Experience

Examination Stress and Principal Investigator (August, 2009-current)

Drinking in a College Second Year Research Project


Alcohol Expectancies and Co-Investigator (November, 2009-current)

Drunk Driving Behavior Primary Investigator: Art Blume, Ph.D.

Evaluation of Systems of Care Research Assistant (January, 2009-current)

Primary Investigators: Jim Cook, Ph.D. and Ryan

Killmer, Ph.D.

Motivational Interviewing with Research Assistant/Interviewer (March, 2009-College Drinkers July, 2009) Primary Investigators: Donna Kazemi,

Ph.D., RN and Art Blume, Ph.D..

Review of Mental Health Research Assistant (May 2006-July

Referrals 2006) Primary Investigator: Lee Rosen, Ph.D.

Effects of Expectations on Study Supervisor (September 2005-May

Fairness Perceptions 2006) Primary Investigator: Zinta Byrne, Ph.D.

Stimulus and Response Research Assistant (January 2005-May

Chunking in the Hebb Digits 2005) Primary Investigator: Ben Clegg, Ph.D.


Applied Personality Assessment Research Assistant (January 2005-May

2006) Primary Investigator: Eric Heggestad, Ph.D.

Performance Feedback and Research Assistant (September 2004-Expectations December 2004) Primary Investigator: Zinta Byrne, Ph.D.


Blume, A. W., & Lovato, L. V. (2009). Empowering the disempowered: Harm reduction with racial/ethnic minority clients. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 66(2), 189-200.

Lovato, L. (2002). Stem cell research. Talking Back: Student Writers Speak Out, 2(1).

Conferences and Presentations

Blume, A. W. & Lovato, L. V. (2010, June). Racial and ethnic microaggressions, anxiety and alcohol use among college students. Poster to be presented at the First Annual APA Division 45 Conference in Ann Arbor, MI.

Lovato, L. V. & Strompolis, M. (2010, March). Alcohol expectancies and drunk driving behavior among Mexican-American college students. Paper presented at the Graduate Student Research Fair at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Lovato, L. V. & Strater, K. P. (2010, March). Examining Social Connectedness in a System of Care. Poster presented at the Annual Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference in Tampa, FL.

Strater, K. P., & Lovato, L.V. (2009, October). Social Connectedness in a System of Care and College Sample. Paper presented at the Southeast ECO Conference in Columbia, SC at the University of South Carolina.

Honors and Awards

Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Summer Fellowship (2010)

Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Fellowship, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Inaugural Recipient (2008-2009)

Distinguished Scholar, Colorado State University (2002-2006)

Psychology Department Scholarship Award, Colorado State University (2005-2006)

Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholar (2002-2003)

Psi Chi President, Colorado State University

Professional Affiliation

American Psychological Association, student member

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, student member

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