Program Philosophy

Three GirlsHealth psychology has a significant role in addressing physical and mental health issues in individuals and communities. Working together with physicians, counselors, nurses, social workers, health educators, administrators, policy analysts, and other professionals, health psychologists utilize their unique understanding of human behavior and strong methodological skills to conduct research and intervene with individuals, families, organizations and communities to improve health and wellness. The Health Psychology Program at UNC Charlotte has as its objectives the training of students who will:

  • Develop strong research skills that will enable them to be leading contributors to the science of health and wellness;
  • Develop applied skills that will enable them to use knowledge from psychology to better understand disease, dysfunction, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • Obtain educational training and supervised experience with faculty in psychology and in related health professions that will enable them to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on health research and practice;
  • Gain experience in working with health practitioners from different fields, enabling them to become active participants in and leaders of multidisciplinary teams;
  • Although graduates of the program will be prepared to accept positions in a variety of applied and research settings, the goal is to prepare students to be competitive for academic positions if they desire to pursue them.