Degree Requirements

Total Hours required
For the Clinical Health concentration, which will enable students to become eligible for licensure as a Health Services Provider, 84-87 hours (post baccalaureate) will be required. For the Community and General concentrations, 78 hours (post baccalaureate) will be required. All coursework taken at UNC Charlotte that will count toward the Ph.D. will be 6000-level or above. The majority of the coursework will be at the 8000 level.

Transfer credit
The maximum amount of transfer credit that a Ph.D. student may count towards a doctorate is 30 semester hours. The student's advising committee will recommend transfer credits that are consistent with the student's program of study to the program director for approval.

Grades Required
Graduate students must have a 3.0 GPA in the courses on their degree plan of study in order to graduate. More than two grades of C or one U will result in termination from the program.

Other Requirements

  • Master's thesis or second year research project
  • Written comprehensive examination prior to beginning dissertation research
  • Dissertation
  • Year-Long, pre-doctoral internship (Clinical Health students only)
  • Students will develop a plan of study with an advising committee.

Courses Required
Doctoral courses are numbered at the 8000 level.
The curriculum has 4 major curricular components:

  1. Core Health Psychology
  2. Research
  3. Interdisciplinary Content
  4. Specialization

Time Limits for Completion
Students are admitted for either full-time study or intensive part-time study. Students entering the doctoral program post-baccalaureate must complete their degree, including the dissertation, within 8 years. Full-time students must meet benchmark requirements each year to maintain their status as a doctoral student. Part-time students also must meet benchmark requirements that occur approximately every two years. These benchmarks are intended to help students achieve their goal of completing the doctorate in a timely manner.

Student Funding and Resources
The typical admissions package for students admitted into our program includes: a 9-month graduate assistantship for the amount of $13,000 with a 20-hour service commitment, tuition remission, and health insurance. This package is renewable for up to 4 years. In addition, opportunities are available for competitive research funding for up to $500 per year, competitive summer fellowships, and travel funding to conferences for up to $500 per year.