Jaime Bochantin

Jaime Bochantin
Associate Professor
5020 Colvard
Communication Studies and Organizational Science
Research Interests: 
My research involves the cognitive, physical, and emotional health and well-being of organizational members. Current research examines the intersection between work and life, stress and well-being, burnout, organizational conflict and negotiation, and workplace mistreatment including incivility and bullying. While mostly applying a qualitative/interpretive lens to the research, I also have experience in quantitative analysis. Furthermore, one specific population I spend my time examining are members of the public safety profession (i.e. police officers and fire fighters). Specifically, I research stress and burnout over the career length. I have also examined the aging, female professional and their experiences in dealing with menopause and aging in the workplace. My research appears in Communication Monographs, Communication Studies, International Journal of Business Communication, Women & Language, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, and Negotiations and Conflict Management Research.