Health Psychology Graduate Student Association

The HPGSA Executive Committee provides structure for our organization by providing a forum for discussion of issues relevant to all health psychology graduate students. The executive committee is comprised of four core members, the chairs of our two subcommittees, a senator representing our program in the Graduate and Professional Student Association, and three student representatives on the Health Psychology Advisory Committee. Our students elect two faculty ombudspersons, one within psychology and one outside the department.

President: Nadia Jafari
Vice President: Jess Taylor
Secretary: Olivia Riffle
Treasurer: Paisley Lewis
Senator: Lydia Roos
Philanthropy Chair:Meredith Griffin
Social Chair: Alyssa Minnick

Health Psychology Concentration Representatives:
Clinical Psychology program: Alyssa Vela
Community Health Psychology program: Erin-Godly-Reynolds
General Health Psychology program: Nicole Hilaire
Ombudspersons: Dr. Jennifer Webb and Dr. Christine Davis

Executive Committee meetings are held monthly. Details from each of our meetings can be found in the minutes distributed to all students following each Executive Committee meeting.