Research Presentation: Dr. Ryan Kilmer

Promises and Pitfalls in Program Evaluation:

Dr. Ryan Kilmer

Friday, Nov 6, Colvard 4068

This brief talk is framed by two main inputs: (1) a central interest formany community psychologists is the use of evaluation research to guide system change, program refinement, service delivery, and policy; and (2) even though, in our presentations, we largely focus on our successes and what has gone well, that does not always align with our actual experiences. In this talk, I will describe an effort that did not have an optimal outcome. After providing some brief background regarding program evaluation and its potential value, the program of focus (a publicly-funded pre-kindergarten program), and the community and political contexts, I will highlight key findings from our evaluation, the actionable recommendations we put forth, and the real-world barriers encountered in implementing those recommendations. 

Talk: 12:30-12:55

Questions/Discussion: 12:55-1:30

All are Welcome!!! 


Colvard 4068
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 00:00